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Electrical Engineer  is needed to perform the following duties: 

·         Study MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) drawings to generate a control system layout

·         Select transducers depending on the proposed system and make BOM for the project.

·         Plan installation of the devices and guide Field Team in the installation process.

·         Periodic site visits to ensure project success.

·         Design of control panel to incorporate the transducers installed on site. Adjust for future expansion of the system.

·         Select controller, power distribution devices and auxiliary devices like network switches, Input/output cards, backup batteries, touchscreen.

·         Create detailed wiring diagrams of the control panels for the Assembly Team.

·         Conduct power test on the control panel after assembly. Test voltage across all devices to ascertain the safe operation of the control panel according to local electrical safety and fire safety laws.

·         Configure and test devices according to project requirements and manufacturer specifications.

·         Commissioning the system after the control panel and all the field devices have been installed.

·         Field testing of the control panel to ensure proper functioning in actual conditions. Troubleshoot any issues that come up.

·         Prepare commissioning documents for future reference.

Bachelor Degree is required in Electrical Engineering